What is You’re Single, We Get It?


Tired of people asking why you are single?  


Wish people would stop saying that they are sure you will find the right person?  


Want more discussion around what the single experience is like day in and day out; maybe some tips, tricks, and new ideas to make it all a little easier?


Find your single friend network shrinking and would like some reinforcements?


Tired of the media, family, friends, and colleagues looking at your life throughout an outdated lens?


I know, I am!


Welcome to You're Single, We Get It, where we, the single folk, engage in some real talk.    


Join me and our fabulous cast of panel members in changing the narrative on the single experience and getting past society's obsession with dating and marriage - there's more to the single experience than just that (but we'll talk a bit about those topics, too)!


Check out our website:  www.youresinglewegetit.com

Leave us a comment here, shout out to us on Facebook (search for You're Single, We Get It) or Twitter - @YSWGI, & give us a rating on iTunes! 

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